Engine Management Diagnostics

Computer systems in your car

Your modern-day vehicle is mostly controlled by electronic systems such as the fuel injectors, the spark plugs, the steering system and more. To simplify the complicated explanation, the computer systems tell your car what to do such as when to fire and when to move on. When a fault code light is highlighted on your dashboard it’s at this stage you need to contact Kristol automotive and our technicians can help you get this fixed. We have dealt with many European cars as well as Japanese.


What should you do

If you notice an engine light code, its definitely telling you something is wrong. Ignoring this can be costly in the near future. Take your vehicle into Kristol automotive or call our automobile services to come to you. Over the past few years, we have bought new up to date scanners to keep up with the market so that we can continue to provide premium services to our customers at fraction of the cost. Our technicians will advise the next step forward based on the fault code. Sometimes these can be tricky and difficult to isolate so it’s important you have the right people on the job with the right equipment.


Your peace of mind

Our qualified technicians are well educated when it comes to diagnostics and engine management as they fix a very broad range of makes and models. Our thorough background in European and Japanese cars give us the cutting edge to give you the service you deserve for the fraction of prices. Talk to us today if you need advice and professional help within this area.

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