CV Joints

Warning signs

It is typical for vehicles that have travelled more than 80,000 miles. The boots are made from rubber which means over the years and the distance travelled, it will take quite a bit of abuse due to the high amount of heat they are exposed to. Inside the rubber, is the grease which will also dry over time, leaving them brittle and causing it to easily break. At Kristol automotive, our safety inspections report are free. Call us now to make a booking.


What should you do?

If caught early, this can be repaired for as little as $110 (prices vary based on makes and models). We can easily replace the boot and set new grease so that you have little to worry about. If ignored, you might start to notice the following:

Clicking noise when turning a corner, right or left.
Noises when driving the car straight. If you start to notice this, you must stop driving immediately for your safety and the others around you.


How can we help?

Our automobile services can come to you at no extra cost and inspect the circumstances. We can either repair the damage on site, costing you the same if not as little as our workshop. If this cannot be repaired, you can use our 24/7 towing services and get your vehicle safely towed to our yard. Based on the terms and conditions, this can sometimes be done at no extra cost to save you the hassle. Call us now to request more information


Helpful tips

CV joints are checked as part of your standard WOF or safety inspection, in addition to our regular car servicing checklist. If you have noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact us today and ask about a cv joint repair or cv joint replacement cost.

If you have noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is highly likely that your cv joints are in need of repair.

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