Cambelt & Timing Belt

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The sole purpose of the cambelt is to coordinate the engine to keep its timing of combustion correct and stopping the valves at the bottom from hitting the pistons. When the cambelt is damaged or broken, the sequence and the motion of the engine is lost, the valves then hit the piston causing it to bend. Valve repairs are costly, approximately $1500 – $3500.

When purchasing a used vehicle, always look at the mileage of the vehicle and ask if the cambelt has been changed. If the owner cannot provide you with the service history – you are better of walking away. In any pre-purchase vehicle inspection from Kristol this is one of the most important things we note.


What we offer

As the owner of the vehicle, you have few options to go about when replacing your cambelt especially when its damaged. Firstly, it is highly recommended that you replace the cambelt as well as the water pump and tensioner as all components work correspondingly. If however, you chose not too you may be faced with further issues in the future. Replacing cambelts can be costly, call us now to get a competitive quote on all cambelt related services


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Some vehicles such as honda can also posses a balance belt as well as a timing belt/cambelt. Both need to be repaired to save you from expensive repair.


Cambelt replacements from $299. Only when you mention this ad. Terms and conditions apply.

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